Journée de l'Architecture et de l'Urbanisme Neuchâtel ON FRI 10 MAY 2019 At the Patinoires du Littoral
In Neuchâtel

Conditions générales de vente

The sale of individual tickets for Architecture and Urbanism -NEuchâtel Day (hereinafter called "JAU-NE") is subject to the following conditions *:


The bar code it contains will be scanned at the entrance and will admit only one person. Thus, if several tickets containing the same bar code are in circulation (meaning ticket is printed or photocopied several times), ticket holders need to present an identity document. JAU-NE reserves the right to take legal action against persons in possession of a ticket that is falsified or is reproduced improperly.


To gain access to the event, each person must be in possession of a valid ticket.


Tickets are issued only upon credit card payment of the amount due (or other proposed online payment methods). No other payment method (cash, transfer, etc.) is possible. Each ticket has a bar code that must be printed by the customer. The quality of the printing is the customer's responsibility who must ensure that he possesses the appropriate technical equipment that enables easy reading of the bar code (laser printer or inkjet). Each ticket will be printed on an A4 sheet without modification of the size or format (100%).

The customer is solely responsible for keeping his ticket in a safe place until the event. The customer must particularly ensure that it is not duplicated and that the readability of the bar code is compromised (by folding the ticket, for example). 


Exceptionally and after agreement of the JAU-NE organising committee, purchasing tickets from the organisers is possible by mail in the address 


If the order is placed more than 7 working days before the event

Tickets are sent by e-mail with an invoice payable within 30 days. Except in cases where there is explicit cancellation notice in writing (mail or messenger mail) at the latest 2 working days before the event, the invoice is due even if the tickets were not used the day of the event.

If the order is placed less than 7 working days before the event

Subject to the availability of spaces, tickets can be purchased in cash at the reception area during the day of the event and, at the latest, 60 minutes before the programme starts.


JAU-NE reserves the right to verify the identity and age of a customer who presents a ticket purchased at reduced cost. If the customer concerned has a ticket purchased at reduced cost but does not satisfy the conditions for purchasing at reduced cost (i.e. students, apprentices), JAU-NE can prevent customers from entering and/or ask them to pay the normal cost difference.


The organising committee may have to modify the programme; in this case, tickets are not refunded.


The organising committee may have to modify the programme; in this case, tickets are not refunded.



JAU-NE's organising committee,  Bevaix,  November 2018


Journée de l'architecture et de l'urbanisme - Neuchâtel
  • On friday 10 May 2019
  • at the Patinoires du Littoral
  • in 2000 Neuchâtel
  • .